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The future is personalised, and precise

Dr Maree Brinkman


Last week I presented on nutrition and diet to another wonderful group of cancer patients and their carers at the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre here in Melbourne.  This is always a very humbling, inspiring and stimulating experience where I try to take on the role more of a moderator and have people share their dietary and nutritional challenges with me and the group.  Each of these groups are totally unique with varying degrees of knowledge on diet, different cancer diagnoses, treatments and experiences, but they all share the common desire to move forward from the hospital/the treatment setting and try to improve both the quality and duration of their lives through better dietary choices. Other common themes that always arise across the different groups of people having experienced cancer to some degree are the questions on various supplements and use of complementary and alternative therapies such as cannabinoids etc.  As clinicians and researchers NBRI is working on trying to personalise dietary requirements according to everyone’s specific needs depending on their stage of disease and treatment. Just as there is a move towards precision medicine, clearly the next area to investigate and develop is precision and personalised nutritional advice in the dietary management of cancer patients.

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